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Kachina Peak  * Taos Ski Valley * 12,481 ft.

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Graffiti Southwest

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Graffiti southwest * red river, new Mexico * USA

All Artwork, Photos, Videos and Graphics are Copyright of Graffiti Southwest. 2020

Wheeler Peak  * Top o' new Mexico * 13,161 ft.

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From the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge at Wild Rivers, to the top of  Wheeler Peak, the highest in New Mexico, adventure is to be had on every trail. I have had the pleasure of making tracks on varied terrain and through all seasons. My photography will take the viewer to many places off the beaten path, from hiking to skiing, exploring Gold Mines, cultural sites, and studying the history of our unique area. Enjoy the photo Journey through our Land of Enchantment.


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TREKKING  Through The Land of Enchantment

NM Enchanted Circle

Experience the Majestic Beauty of the Enchanted Circle every day of the year by enjoying these original photos at this website. All photos are my originals which were taken on various hikes, and other adventures. Enjoy! 

Enchanted Circle * new mexico usa

Red River Ski Area

Ski Taos

Rio Grande National Monument

Carson National Forest - Hikes