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Impressions of A Native Land

rio grande gorge * wild rivers

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment!

Experience the beauty of the vistas of the Southwest as you drive around New Mexico and the Enchanted Circle. From high desert to the high country the scenery constantly changes. As you travel through valleys, canyons and upper mountain trails, you will also see the change in trees, rocks, and vegetation . It is this beauty and spirituality found in our surroundings and vibrant history that has attracted artists and photographers from all over. And once you catch this "spirit of enchantment", it will call you back to stay. Enjoy the visual tour which has inspired Graffiti Southwest.


Rock Art of the Southwest!


Throughout the deserts and canyons of the Southwest, rock surfaces are filled with prehistoric drawings made by Native American Indians. These ancient images portray something about our native "First Nations" people who lived in our region perhaps thousands of years ago. It is these drawings that can touch you in the "spiritual sense" and confirms the exciting truth that "people were here before us". On the very spot where you stand looking at Rock Art, someone from a different era and culture once stood creating these works of art, the very first "Graffiti" that makes one feel a connection to the land. It is this "timeless art" that has inspired the creation of this design studio known as "Graffiti Southwest". Enjoy!

Graffiti southwest * red river, new mexico * USA

All Artwork, Photos, Videos and Graphics are Copyright of Graffiti Southwest. 2020

I have always had a passion for capturing moments on film. With more than 30 years of experience, I have the skill and trained eye to make your project come to life. My photography experience began when I was a child, using an old Brownie Camera with Black & White film. I grew with the industry and progressed to a Color Polaroid, then to Pentax, Canon, and Nikon 35mm SLR cameras with various lenses. I shot pictures in both Slides and Film formats. As technology developed I entered into the Digital age, and beefed up my quiver of cameras using a Nikon 35mm Digital body camera as well as a mini Canon Digital camera with video capabilities. Sports is another passion for me, so I am always carting cameras with me on hiking trails and ski trails. So kick back, click away and enjoy the photo journey here at my website. "Lil-Feet"

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got adventure? let my photos & graphics share the journey

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Inspired by Petroglyphs and the Vistas of The Southwest

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Graphic images and Photography images are each a work of art and can compliment each other. I come from a long line of Artists and Musicians, so my passion for the Arts is abundant. I started drawing and doing a lot of Arts and Crafts as a child. This nurtured my sense of Design and led me to studying Fine Arts, Photography and Music in High School and College. I then pursued my professional career in Graphic Design and Photography.

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Petroglyphs at Rio Grande National Monument

Graffiti Southwest

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