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"Lil-Feet" on Wheeler Peak Summit
Highest Peak in New Mexico - 13,161 ft. elevation
"We will be Known Forever by The Tracks We Leave"

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Inspired by Petroglyphs and the Vistas of The Southwest

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Graphic design * photography * arts * multimedia



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Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer for decades. I love capturing special moments and creating visual images that share a  Journey for others to enjoy. 

I have always felt peaceful energy from nature's landscapes. Living in the beautiful mountains of The Enchanted Circle in northern New Mexico provides the perfect canvas for exciting images.

I hike a lot to enjoy the scenery, breathe in fresh air, listen to the sounds of Nature, and share the beauty in our World with others.

Take a look at some of the images from my treks in the Mountains.

All forms of life are precious and each a work of Art, in both the Plant and Animal Worlds. I relish capturing the unique creation of each creature inhabiting our Earth.




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a picture is worth a thousand words, EVERY ONE tells a story.

2015 NM Enchantment Calendar

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Columbine Canyon Trail #71. The trail follows Columbine Creek, passing through forest and several open meadows. Rated as Moderate. Click on Link for more details..



Lost Lake Trail #91. Follows Middlefork Trail briefly, take Eastfork up switchbacks through Forest to breathtaking vistas, gorgeous lake, on to Wheeler Peak.  Link for details.

Wheeler Peak Summit Trail. Follow Forest Trail #62 to Williams Lake, look for junction to Trail #67 on the left just before lake. Trail has steep consistent pitch for 2 miles, traverses swithcbacks, crosses scree fields, difficult terrain, gorgoeus views! Truly a "stairway to heaven"! Link for details.

There are some stories that can only be told through movement. My Granny Ma, who lived to be 95, said that her key to longevity was to "Keep on Moving", so that's what I'm Doing!


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